Englisch: The British Monarchy – Why? How? And what if actually not?

Have you ever wanted to be a king or queen? Have you ever wanted a castle as your home and another as a summer retreat? Have you been fascinated by all the influence and attention, the glamour, the possibilities?

When Queen Elizabeth II. died this month a year ago the world recognised how it had gotten used to the presence of this particular little lady. We watched in awe as the British people lined up for five days to pay their respects to one single person, and world leaders rescheduled their agendas to sit down in the fourth, fifth or sixth row and beyond to watch a family of four generations honouring their relative, with every step being carefully prepared as well as observed worldwide.

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. as well as the proclamationen and coronation of Charles III. followed century old traditions that seemed strangely out of place in the 21st century and yet had a fascination to them that can be called unparalleled.

But what does it mean to be a working member of the British royal family? What can you do? What should you do? And what not? What else is it apart from opening gardens and exhbitions, attending concerts and galas, and appearing in radio shows and podcasts?

In this session we are going to do research on one of the most prominent monarchies of this world, the possibilities as well as the limits of their actions, the influence not just on the British but on people around the world – and if, after all your research, you still want to become a king or queen.